Unity Quiz Server
A Quiz content server and client, to ease the creation and sharing of quiz content.
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Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.Quiz.QuizPackage Class Reference

Public Types

enum  QuizPackageContent {
  None = 0, Text = 0x1, Audio = 0x2, Image = 0x4,
  Video = 0x8, OneDirection = 0x40, AlwaysBackside = OneDirection | 0x20, Compressed = 0x10,
  Mask = 0x7f

Public Member Functions

void Clear ()
void CreateQuizcardTagGroups ()
void CheckIntegrity ()
void NullifyImages ()

Static Public Attributes

static QuizPackage Package = new QuizPackage ()

Protected Member Functions

void FreeResources ()


static bool FlipSideOnChance [get]
List< string > Texts [get]
List< AudioClip > AudioClips [get]
List< Texture2DColorImages [get]
QuizPackageContent Content [get, set]
List< QuizCardCards [get]
List< string > Tags [get]
List< int >[] CardsByTagIndex [get]
List< int[]> TagCombinations [get]
List< string > Attributions [get]
bool HasText [get]
bool HasAudio [get]
bool HasImage [get]
bool OneDirection [get]
bool AlwaysBackside [get]

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