Unity Quiz Server
A Quiz content server and client, to ease the creation and sharing of quiz content.
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Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.ContentManager Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.ContentManager:

Public Types

enum  DownloadSuccess {
  None, ServerOnline = 0x1, Babel = 0x2, Content = 0x4,
  Package = 0x8, Leaderboard = 0x10

Public Member Functions

bool DownloadSuccessful (DownloadSuccess success)
bool IsPackageContentOK ()
bool OnEscapePressed ()
ICollection< string > GetLanguages ()
LanguageData GetLanguageData (string language)
ContentButton.UpdateState LanguageUpdateQuery (string languageID)
ContentButton.UpdateState PackageUpdateQuery (string packageID)
System.Collections.IEnumerator InitContentCoroutine ()
System.Collections.IEnumerator InitLeaderboardCoroutine ()
System.Collections.IEnumerator SelectLanguageCoroutine (ContentButton button)
System.Collections.IEnumerator SelectPackageCoroutine (ContentButton button)

Public Attributes

PanelMessage _panelMessageContent
string _currentServerSettings = "BaseServer"
string _currentLanguage = "English"
string _packageID


ConnectionState ConnectionState [get]
ContentListOverview ContentOverview [get]
ContentList ContentHierarchy [get]

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