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A Quiz content server and client, to ease the creation and sharing of quiz content.
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Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.Quiz.QuizSystem.QuizCardSystemCheck Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.Quiz.QuizSystem.QuizCardSystemCheck:
Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.Quiz.QuizSystem.QuizCardSystemBasic Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.Quiz.QuizSystem.QuizCardSystem

Public Member Functions

override QuizCardID GetNextCardID ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.Quiz.QuizSystem.QuizCardSystemBasic
override void Reset ()
override void UpdateStats (QuizCardID cardID, bool correct)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.Quiz.QuizSystem.QuizCardSystem
int CountAtProficiencyDeck (int deckIndex)
bool IsUntested (QuizCardID cardID)
virtual QuizCardID AddCardToPool ()
virtual QuizCardID[] AddCardsIfCountIsBelowMin (int min)
virtual List< QuizCardStatsGetCombinedStatsList ()
int GetNumberOfKnownQuestions ()
virtual bool LoadQuizcardPoolProgress (string filename)
virtual void SaveQuizcardPoolProgress (string filename)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.Quiz.QuizSystem.QuizCardSystem
QuizCardID AddCardToDeck (int deckIndex)
virtual void OnLoadAddCardStats (QuizCardStats quizcardStats)
bool FindIndicesOfCardID (QuizCardID cardID, out int deckIndex, out int deckCardIndex)
bool Contains (QuizCardID cardID)
void SaveBinary (string filename, int auxDataCount, List< QuizCardStats > qcstatsList)
bool LoadBinary (string filename)
void ReadSelectionBinary0 (BigEndianReader reader, ushort versionMinor)
- Protected Attributes inherited from Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.Quiz.QuizSystem.QuizCardSystem
ushort _versionMajor = 0x00
ushort _versionMinor = 0x1000
ProficiencyDeck[] _proficiencyDecks
- Properties inherited from Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.Quiz.QuizSystem.QuizCardSystem
int Count [get]
int PackageCount [get]

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