Unity Quiz Server
A Quiz content server and client, to ease the creation and sharing of quiz content.
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Noizoo.Tools.IO.Remote.AFileDownload Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for Noizoo.Tools.IO.Remote.AFileDownload:
Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.ServerFileDownload Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.BabelDownload Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.ContentDownload Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.LeaderboardDownload Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.PackageDownload

Public Member Functions

delegate void DownloadResultCallback (bool ok)
delegate void OnProgressValueChange (float value)
void Reset ()
void ClearDataAndCallback ()

Public Attributes

OnProgressValueChange ProgressValueChangeCallback

Protected Member Functions

System.Collections.IEnumerator CheckServerAvailabilityCoroutine (DownloadResultCallback resultCallback, string serverAvailabilityURL, float timeout)
System.Collections.IEnumerator DownloadFileCoroutine (DownloadResultCallback resultCallback, string url)
abstract bool OnDownloadFinished ()


ConnectionState ConnectionState [get]
float Progress [get]
byte[] Bytes [get]
string Error [get]
string URL [get]
ConnectionState SetState [set]
float OnFloatValueChange [set]

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