Unity Quiz Server
A Quiz content server and client, to ease the creation and sharing of quiz content.
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Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.Quiz.QuizPackageLoaderBase Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.Quiz.QuizPackageLoaderBase:
Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.Quiz.QuizPackageLoaderQuizlet Noizoo.QuizServer.Content.Quiz.QuizPackageLoaderV1

Public Member Functions

virtual bool LoadAndCheckHeader (BigEndianReader reader)
virtual void PreloadQuizPackage (BigEndianReader reader)
void LoadQuizPackage (BigEndianReader reader, QuizPackage quizpackage, string temporaryPath)

Protected Member Functions

abstract void LoadQuizPackage (BigEndianReader reader)
void ReadTagStrings (BigEndianReader reader, string msg, string comparemarker, int compareindex)
void ReadMarkerString (BigEndianReader reader, string msg, string compare, int compareindex)
void ReadMarkerString (BigEndianReader reader, string msg, string compare)
string IndexToFilename (int index)
void GetIndexAndType (int value, out int index, out int type)
string ReadAudioData (BigEndianReader reader, out int index)
string ReadAudioDataInternal (BigEndianReader reader, int index, int type)
string ReadImageData (BigEndianReader reader, int index)
string ReadImageDataInternal (BigEndianReader reader, int index, int type)

Protected Attributes

string _tempPath
string _tempImgPath
bool _hasAudio
bool _hasImage
QuizPackage _package
ushort _versionMajor
ushort _versionMinor
List< string > _audioClips = new List<string> ()
List< string > _images = new List<string> ()


static ushort VersionMajorHeader [get]
List< string > AudioClips [get]
List< string > Images [get]
QuizPackage Package [get]
string Path [get]
string ImgPath [get]

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