Loop Casino is a new approach to music composition. Just roll the dice, lock the parts you like and roll again – until you are happy with the result. You can then export the result as as multi-track MIDI or a WAV file.

Fiverr Commisions

We commissioned a couple of producers to work with Loop Casino and create demo songs that show its potential, here are some examples.

A song made by yamlevi: “My idea to work with this software was to “give it do the music” without actually thinking musically and do the most possible less just to show how powerful your software is. “

Algopop – the Loop Casino Album

I wrote an album consisting entirely of songs based on Loop Casino loops. You still need a composer though too pick the loops, combine them and adapt them. The draft songs are done and it’s now in the stage of having lyrics added and production.

1. Night is the day

We found a talented singer and songwriter on Fiverr who used the melody and created a song. Another Fiverr composer added an intro.
The final arrangement!

2. Perfect season

The draft version
The final arrangement – needs a proper mix and some mastering
Mixed and mastered

3. This what I wanted

The draft version
With vocals
The final arrangement!

4. I was delusional

The draft version
With vocals
The final arrangement!

5. I am your safety

Synth draft
We added a rapper, heavily autotuned. 😀
The final arrangement!

6. Mad reverie

Synth draft by Zsolt Marx
Lyrics are written, we have backing vocals now

7. Always a better day

The synth draft by Zsolt Marx
An amazing song written on top by Enigmatized
The ‘almost’ final arrangement

8. Distance is breaking us

The synth draft made by my son Piet Henn and myself
Lyrics written and vocals added
All the parts combined – still needs some mixing and mastering

9. Hold you down

Synth draft written
A magic composition on top by Sammy Duru
We have a complete song now and a new singer, as Sammy Duru has stopped her Fiverr account unfortunately.

10. One Two Step

Synth instrumental
With Vocals

11. I believe in us

Synth instrumental
With vocals, and some placeholder vocals by myself
And a couple of iterations later … the final arrangement.

12. Shooting stars and butterflies

Synth instrumental
With vocals
A new singer and an interesting new chorus, needs a bit of restructuring at the end.

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